• Is this Bible study all about losing weight?

This Bible study is about getting healthy and fit. It is about cleaning out what is inside, physically and spiritually. Obesity correlates to many, many lifestyle instigated illnesses and obesity is easy to recognize. There are other problems that are unobservable from the outside. That doesn't change their importance and should never be minimized. This Bible study addresses issues both observable and unobservable.

My beautiful daughter is a good example. After a desperate struggle with a painful and debilitating skin problem, she discovered she was allergic to cobalt. Cobalt! She was relieved to find at least a partial answer and took action to monitor and alter what her body was exposed to internally and externally.

On the outside, every lotion, lipstick and soap was examined. On the inside, everything she consumed was investigated, in detail.

Her attitude is one of relief and gratitude. God gave her a gift when her cobalt allergy was discovered. It was up to her to take action.

You cannot see the battle my daughter fights by looking at her. That doesn't make it less difficult for her or a less important problem to tackle. It doesn't make it less painful for her because it is unfamiliar to you or me.

The cobalt issue is one that falls into the 70% of illnesses that can be controlled by lifestyle choices. My daughter makes tough choices constantly. It is a great example of how challenges are given to us individually and cannot be compared. We don't pick our challenges. God gives them to us so we can stretch and grow.

This Bible study is about finding God's direction and answers to physical and spiritual difficulties.

Jesus said "...do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" (Matthew 6:34). I think He is saying, deal with what is in front of you now. That is enough.

  • How do I know I need to make a change?

Start with your doctor. Are you on medicines that you could avoid with changes in your eating and exercise habits? Second, take a look at a Body Mass Index chart. Find your height, in inches, and weight. Are you outside of the "normal" category? If you start working to get into the normal range, you will be going a long way to improve your health on multiple levels.

  • Why do I need to change?

You need to make a change if you want to live and live a healthy life. One of this Bible study's goals is to help you internalize your individual value and give you Divine motivation to live and live well.

  • Does muscle weigh more than fat?

Five pounds is five pounds. Muscle looks better on your body, though, since muscle takes up less space on your body and is smooth and taut. You can see this on the following picture. Five pounds of fat (yellow) is compared to five pounds of muscle (pink). In addition, as you increase your muscle content you will increase your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently. This picture and more information may be found on www.onemorebite-weightloss.com/muscle-to-fat.html.

A person weighing 150 pounds with less fat content will look smaller, and will be much healthier.

  • My friend is telling me I need to make sure I have protein so I should eat an egg every morning. Is this right?

Yes, protein is important. First, check your protein needs based on your weight. A person weighing 180 lbs., for example needs 82 grams minimum of protein daily. Then, choose high protein foods that are also low in calories and fat. Look at the spreadsheet and graph here and compare an egg to tuna fish. You can get over twice as much protein for the same amount of calories and avoid 4 grams of fat at the same time. If you look at the last two columns of the spread sheet and the graph below, you can see which foods can give you the most protein from the least calories and least fat. Go for a high protein percentage and low fat percentage. These numbers have been collected from a variety of sources. Numbers may differ slightly because of rounding or a brand specific food.

  • Is tracking my efforts and results really necessary? I've noticed Body Surprised! asks me to do that.

Tracking increases success. The Challenge Chart offers readers the opportunity to organize, structure and track how Bible study, activities and healthy eating is prioritized daily. Tracking can also be done on the many apps available. Recent research shows how tracking and continued motivational lessons about getting healthy can increase weight loss. To read more: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-02/du-tfl022819.php